I have known Arron since 2010, when I started playing golf again after 15 years away from the game.

When I started my lessons with Arron I was on a 17 handicap, one year on I was down to a 12 handicap, now I can gladly say I am a single figure handicapper.

Right from my first lesson Arron created a friendly and positive learning environment, and continues to do so.

Arron’s lessons and approach to coaching is not about telling a student what to do and how to do it, Arron allows the student to learn for themselves by challenging awareness of their golf swing and all other aspects of their game. It is this philosophy that I believe truly works to get the best results. You become your own coach on the course.

Arron’s lessons are delivered with his vast knowledge and all round ability as a coach, and are always fun! Our lessons together are also varied from the driving range hitting irons to driver, to the chipping and putting green working on that all important short game and everything else in between. All lessons are tailored to suit my individual goals.

Thank you Arron for all your hard work and dedication, I look forward to my next lesson and many, many more to come.