Arron and I started working together in May 2014. I was a 7 handicapper and had countless lessons from multiple coaches over 25 years of playing golf but never seemed to get lower than 7.

With a young family now I have limited time to play golf but it remains a key passion. So after a terrible round of golf in April I decided enough was enough and had to take action. Being new to Auckland I did some research online and found Arron’s website and was encouraged by his teaching philosophy so booked in a lesson for an hour.

What impressed me first was Arron was more interested in my goals for golf than overwhelming me with his golf knowledge or credentials. I immediately felt that Arron was a coach I could work with as he focuses on his students aspirations and took a holistic approach to improvement.

Most coaches teach you to hit a golf ball but with Arron you learn the process of how to hit a golf ball , this is a subtle but crucial difference in becoming more self-sufficient, better and consistent player. One lesson we did not even hit a golf ball, but it was one of the best lessons we had as we focused on bio mechanics. After 25 years of playing golf finally learnt why my swing was the way it was, which was invaluable in understanding how to improve it.

We agreed on an 8 week program focusing on key areas that we would cover and Arron uses the latest swing analytics software to bring it to life with videos of each lesson arriving in my dropbox the next day with key learnings. We made an agreement that when my handicap dropped from 7 to 4 we would play Jacks Point together so I had provisionally planned this in for 2016. I am proud to say that after only 7 months (and yes full commitment from both of us) my handicap has already dropped to 3.6 and we off to play Jacks Point in 2 weeks 😀 .

I have no hesitation in recommending Arron if you are serious about improving your golf scores and are willing to commit yourself to a program.

Good luck