Golf Coaching Services

This page gives you a snap shot of what and how we do things.

How do you want to learn?

fore Golf provide (4) learning Platforms:

(1)   Individual Coaching
(2)   Shared Coaching 
(3)   Group Coaching
(4)   Helicopter Golf Experiences

How Fast do you want learn?

Coaches Inc. provide (2) Add On services that impact on the speed you progress.

Add On Option (1)  
Video Support                                      

Add On Option (2)

The online ‘Personal Golf Development’ folder. Information including video and resources are stored and transferred to your own online folder.  Its your information – take it, save it, its yours for ever!

Add On Option (1) Benefits Explained

High Speed Video Analysis provides clearer communication and understanding of your swing movement – hence accelerates the learning experience.

Add On Option (2) Benefits Explained

Have you ever left a lesson feeling great, then in your next practise session/game experience terrible results? This Add On eliminates this situation from ever happening. Your Swing Videos, Videos of your coach, Drills and any other media file that is relevant to assisting your growth along with a Lesson Report detailing all the key points, is stored in a internet sharing folder – that only YOU and your coach has access to.  This information is YOURS, you get to keep it! The key to sustaining performance change relies on your ability to self manage. This service gives you the tools, to self manage and hence maximise the time you invest on improving your game.

Understanding + Awareness + Feedback = Continued and Sustained Development.

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