Junior Academy


The fore Golf Junior Academy was designed by leading golf coaches Mitchell Price, Arron Harding and Jonathan Chau wanting to create an opportunity allowing young golfers to evolve their game and live their golfing dreams.

Our Academy programme provides an opportunity for players to experience a pathway of development. The Academy is a results driven programme that enables players to improve faster using our specially developed junior structure.

A unique aspect of our programme is that players are split into performance squads, based on performance and not age.

Our revolutionary teaching systems are implemented throughout the Academy in a hardworking, motivating and fun environment for all players. Enrolment into our Academy gives the opportunity to train with and learn with a team that is passionate about juniors and their development.


To ensure that your child is placed in the best possible programme to optimise their golf progress, we will complete a free 30 minute entrance test so that we can recommend the best option.


Players will compete in a mixture of Academy events and New Zealand ranked tournaments, gaining points for placing’s achieved. A full list of OOM events and points system will be included in the Academy information pack.


This programme is designed for players who are starting to learn the game.
(Junior program currently)

This programme is vital to instilling technical, conceptual and tactical fundamentals of the game to ensure advanced skills can be learnt at a later point.

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