Junior Casual Lessons

Skill Development – 60 min

This lesson is designed to eliminate the source of issues within your swing. This lesson also can act as a ‘test run’ to see whether I can deliver what you require both from a performance and personality and character view point.

Valued at $105.00 including Video Support


Skill Maintenance – 30 min

This lesson is designed as a check up lesson. No significant changes are made in this lesson, its more of a support and critiquing lesson.

Valued at $60.00 including Video Support


On Course Game Development – 2.5 hrs

Before embarking in a Action plan with your game, head out with me and show me holistically what and how you do things on the golf course. I will create notes of patterns both in score, statistical and behavioural patterns that if addressed, can improve your amount of enjoyment within golf.

This lesson can also be used to learn the tactical parts of playing golf. Club selection, difficult lies/ground conditions, shot selection, how to acknowledge stress and anxiety and how to deal with it…the list goes on.

Valued at $210.00 including Video Support and Reporting


What are these Add On’s all about?

Video Analysis – during your lessons

Using a high Speed Video Camera, your swing will be analysed providing a clearer picture and understanding of what is going on, and what needs to change. This promotes faster learning.

Video Files + Report – that you take home

You get the best of both worlds. Along with receiving Video Analysis during your lesson, your swing files plus a lesson report written by me is added to your very own Internet Sharing Folder during the lesson. This sharing folder can only be accessed by you and me.

This service promotes both faster learning and sustainability. Not only do you have constant clarity throughout the learning experience, you also have your own library of Swing Videos and Notes to support yourself – think of it as another tool to help yourself manage and become your own coach.

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