New Junior Client Assessment

Providing knowledge about the golf swing is the easy part of helping the people we work with. Defining the external variables that effect your progression is critical AND the glue that ensures you reach your goals within golf. This 90 min session allows me to gain the right information to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from the coaching you experience.

What’s involved….

-Goals established
-Body and injury history
-The amount of time you can dedicate to practise and playing
-Screen your body specific to golf functional movement
-Establish if your golf equipment is/is not promoting progression within your game.
-Your history in the game.
-Past lesson experience.
-Current concern shots and the preferred shot you want.
-Sporting history.
-Video your swing.
-Discuss the findings.
-Beginning of Swing Development

If you want sustainable and fast results, while spending the least amount of money, then make sure your first lesson with me is the NEW CLIENT ASSESSMENT.

Valued at $139.00

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