Arron Harding

Professional Golf CoachArron-350-x-350
Owner of fore GOLF
Director of Coaching at The Takapuna Public Golf Facility
Class ‘A’ N.Z.P.G.A. Member (since 1993)
Carded Coach of The NZ Academy of Sport
Mizuno Staff Ambassador
18 Years Coaching Experience
Former High Performance Coach for NZ Woman’s Golf
Former High Performance Coach for NZ Golf
Former Director of Coaching at J.K’s World of Golf
Formerly on Radio Sport with Brendon Telfer
Coaching Certificate NZ Level 1
Coaching Certificate NZ Level 2

M: +6421 900744
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My Coaching Philosophy

Telling someone what to do, is not sharing information, it is limiting someone to the knowledge of the instructor.

What if a person’s ability is more than the instructor knows?

I have been coaching for 22 years, these years have taken me on a journey of self discovery, which has shaped my belief of what I know to be the most effective way to support people to achieve what they want through coaching.

I strive to share the learning experience with the person I am working with. As a golf coach I want to help and develop people to maximise their experience within the game of golf. I have found that for a person to reach what they are capable of, their whole person must be in balance. I work with the person using the vehicle of coaching, to assist the person to be aware of what they can be, by being balanced. By growing a person’s existing knowledge and facilitating their awareness, they access the ability to be self sufficient and can self manage themselves and their performance.

I work with a large range of people, from professional golfers, some of New Zealand’s best professional and amateur players to new golfers and everyone in between. Although the needs of this vast group are different, they all want the same thing ‘SUCCESS’. The coaching style allows the person to be a part of the learning process by sharing the experience, rather than being ‘told what to do’.

Remember nothing is taught, everything is learnt. How can YOU truly learn from someone else’s experience? I’m looking forward to meeting you and sharing your next learning experience. A golf lesson with a difference.

The coaching experience is about asking the student what they want, then exploring how to achieve this together.


Once I became a qualified NZPGA professional (1996) I was involved as assistant manager for Premier Driving range, but found my passion was for teaching golf. This is the point I started on my journey of coaching. In 2000 I went to J.K.’s World of Golf and spent eight years building up to the position of Director of Coaching. It was here that I got involved with elite player development coaching. I was a High Performance Coach for NZ Women’s golf, then a High Performance Coach for NZ Golf. During this time I also was apart of the Carded Coach program run by the New Zealand Academy of Sport. I spent four years in the carded program, which exposed me to a wealth of information, which has shaped and guided me to the path of coaching I use and explore today. In December 2008 (still present) I moved to Takapuna Public as Director of Coaching. This provided me the opportunity to start Coaches Inc and develop the pathway of coaching. Coaches Inc has been a great experience, but I now want to return to my original pathway of developing more people in golf with the pathway of coaching. This is where the new brand fore GOLF fits in. fore GOLF will allow me to re-focus on my love of coaching and working with people to explore and understand the game of golf better.

You may have heard or read information by me from…
– Radio Sport with Brendon Telfer
– New Zealand Golfer Magazine
– Pacific Golfer
– The Cut

What I will offer you

My point of difference is that I will not ‘tell’ you how to play golf. I will work with you to support you as a whole person, by coaching you to find the balance within yourself. As I am mindful that playing to ones ability is more than just the golf swing, it is a number of skills.

Referral Reward System

Referral business is by far the most important way to connect with new clients.  Its extremely important to me that I acknowledge and thank those who recommend my services. I will offer you a FREE 30 minute one on one lesson with me as a Thank You for each new person you refer to me.

AWARENESS IS THE SECRET! Most golfers are unaware of how much natural talent they have and just how good they could be.

Video, Flightscope and Computer analysis are available.

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