Golf Kinetics was the brain child of Paul Greenwood and Trevor Montgomery. They both wanted to bring together their skills in their chosen fields, Paul is a Personal Trainer and Trevor is a Physio Therapist to create a golf specific physical training program.

Paul is my preferred golf specific personal trainer, his experiences, knowledge and TPI training mean he is one of New Zealand’s most qualified and sort after trainers. We are fortunate to have him in Auckland and available for the clients I work with.
If you are serious about taking your golf to the next level and protecting your body from injury, then fore GOLF recommends using Paul to support your physical conditioning.

I use Paul for our own personal training, his enthusiasm and passion along with his knowledge make each session personalised and challenging based on the persons goals and abilities.

To find out more about Golf Kinetic’s and Paul and what he can offer you, please visit his website from the link below.

Golf Kinetics