To whom it may concern.

Having recently completed a coaching program with JC, it is my privilege to write this testimonial for him in support of his coaching.

I have found JC’s coaching to be of a very high standard. He explains really thoroughly why and what he considers ought to be worked on. He has a really good knowledge and can easily answer any questions that arise. He makes sure I have a really good understanding of what my work is for the week ahead. By breaking things down into small steps he ensures you aren’t overwhelmed by too much information all at once.

JC’s follow up on lessons is excellent, as he videos what you’re working on and emails them through after each lesson, so you can visually get a sense of the improvements you have made. And JC regularly calls me to see how I am progressing with the changes I am making to my swing. I also feel I can contact him if I need some assistance between lessons.

JC has always been punctual and professional in all my dealings with him. He is really encouraging in his coaching style and genuinely enjoys seeing his clients make improvements. I’ve always felt he is interested in seeing me improve.

On a personal level, JC has a very friendly and positive manner, is considerate, and is very easy to get along with. He is enthusiastic about coaching and helping golfers improve their skills.

I highly recommend JC as the coach to improve your golf game.

Tony Clarke

我发现JC是非常专业的教练,他上课的讲解是非常的彻底和认真。他掌握很好的golf知识和基础可以很容易地回答任何问题出现。 通过把事物分解成小步骤他确保你不被太多的信息扰乱。
JC跟进的经验很好,他会把上课内容记录成视频发邮件给你,让你更全面的了解自己的动作并且方便复习上课内容,这样你更可以直观地了解你的改进。 这样也会时常看到自己的变化。
JC一直准时和专业在教导我。 他真的是非常认真的对待每一节课,我一直觉得他很开心看到学生的进步。

Raymond Ji

Arron and I started working together in May 2014. I was a 7 handicapper and had countless lessons from multiple coaches over 25 years of playing golf but never seemed to get lower than 7.

With a young family now I have limited time to play golf but it remains a key passion. So after a terrible round of golf in April I decided enough was enough and had to take action. Being new to Auckland I did some research online and found Arron’s website and was encouraged by his teaching philosophy so booked in a lesson for an hour.

What impressed me first was Arron was more interested in my goals for golf than overwhelming me with his golf knowledge or credentials. I immediately felt that Arron was a coach I could work with as he focuses on his students aspirations and took a holistic approach to improvement.

Most coaches teach you to hit a golf ball but with Arron you learn the process of how to hit a golf ball , this is a subtle but crucial difference in becoming more self-sufficient, better and consistent player. One lesson we did not even hit a golf ball, but it was one of the best lessons we had as we focused on bio mechanics. After 25 years of playing golf finally learnt why my swing was the way it was, which was invaluable in understanding how to improve it.

We agreed on an 8 week program focusing on key areas that we would cover and Arron uses the latest swing analytics software to bring it to life with videos of each lesson arriving in my dropbox the next day with key learnings. We made an agreement that when my handicap dropped from 7 to 4 we would play Jacks Point together so I had provisionally planned this in for 2016. I am proud to say that after only 7 months (and yes full commitment from both of us) my handicap has already dropped to 3.6 and we off to play Jacks Point in 2 weeks 😀 .

I have no hesitation in recommending Arron if you are serious about improving your golf scores and are willing to commit yourself to a program.

Good luck

Steve Shaw

Mitchell Price has recently delivered a fantastic ‘First Tee’ golf programme to our entire Year Seven and Eight group of students, over an eight week time frame.

These lessons have been well considered, organised and delivered. Mitchell has an excellent manner with the students who respond positively to his coaching and reciprocate great respect and courtesy.”

Helen Reed, Queenstown Primary School

“Your help over summer Mitchell was awesome. The number of goals we achieved was amazing!

You helped me every step of the way; your knowledge, guidance and commitment helped to make sure we achieved all the goals we had set. Through the hours you dedicated to my golf I managed to achieve so much in such a small amount of time.

You have helped me take the first steps toward achieving my long term goal of becoming a tour player and world-renowned golfer. We built a strong partnership over the summer, unstoppable and one I hope to continue in the coming months and years ahead.”

James Anstiss, Otago Senior Representative

For golfers of all abilities….
As a golfer who started playing golf 20 years ago I have seen it all. From humble beginnings I have now been a professional golfer since 2004 playing in NZ, Australia & Europe. In 2011 my game seemed lost as I’m sure we all have had that feeling, after playing one of my favourite events the Muriwai open, where I sadly played terrible around a course I love. I decided to ask Arron Harding for help! Why? Because of his reputation as a person firstly and what so many other people had said about his golfing knowledge.

Session one began with the key components being fundamentals and 2 1/2 years on its still the same, that’s what makes Arron so unique, he works with the basics that all the top 100 players in the world do.

There are no gimmicks or trickery it’s pure coaching to help all level of golfers to achieve excellence.

For me it has seen me win 3 pro-am events, finish inside the top 10 in 20+ events in Australia and NZ and currently for 2013 I’m inside the top 5 on the NZ professional order of merit.

These results have taken hard work, but the rewards are so worth it.
By the way this year in 2013 I finished 3rd in the Muriwai Open!! Boom!!

Clarke Osbourne

I have been working with Arron for approximately 3 years during which time my golf game has gone from a 30 handicap (and heading south) to my current 12.1

When I first contacted Arron my drives were going low and left and to use Arron’s words my swing ‘defied the laws of physics’- my game was at the stage where I was considering taking up lawn bowls.

Over the last 3 years we have totally rebuilt my swing and are now working on fine tuning and course management. My keenness for the game has returned and look forward to playing as often as time allows .

I have no hesitation to recommending Arron to anyone who is passionate about the game and who wants to see improvement in their scores.

Its hard work over time but it happens.

Graeme Cocks

I have known Arron since 2010, when I started playing golf again after 15 years away from the game.

When I started my lessons with Arron I was on a 17 handicap, one year on I was down to a 12 handicap, now I can gladly say I am a single figure handicapper.

Right from my first lesson Arron created a friendly and positive learning environment, and continues to do so.

Arron’s lessons and approach to coaching is not about telling a student what to do and how to do it, Arron allows the student to learn for themselves by challenging awareness of their golf swing and all other aspects of their game. It is this philosophy that I believe truly works to get the best results. You become your own coach on the course.

Arron’s lessons are delivered with his vast knowledge and all round ability as a coach, and are always fun! Our lessons together are also varied from the driving range hitting irons to driver, to the chipping and putting green working on that all important short game and everything else in between. All lessons are tailored to suit my individual goals.

Thank you Arron for all your hard work and dedication, I look forward to my next lesson and many, many more to come.

Dan Lyall

Arron has been my golf coach since I first started playing approx. 7 years ago.  From a beginner to a 12 handicap is evidence of his coaching ability.

His professional, always positive attitude and holistic approach has helped me develop my entire game. With a sound technical knowledge of my swing it allows me to maintain my strengths, and self correct/manage my weaknesses. Developing an awareness on which he has worked on with me to help me keep improving my game, building confidence and getting results.

This could not have been done without the support of Arron – a professional talented coach and golfer.

Cathy Webster

Andre Wilson wins the 2013 Stewart Foot Memorial Final at Northshore Golf Club on Saturday the 8th of June.

Thanks Arron for helping me to learn the skills to win this mate. I also shot 84 yesterday, my best score ever, nett 63 for 43 stableford points. I will back soon for some more lessons.

Andre Wilson

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